What We Do ✨

Biondilondon.com provides designer holiday essentials throughout the year. The team consists of Claudine and Rhona, experienced fitters and stylists with over 20 years of expertise. We curate the selection with many exclusive brands in the UK, emphasizing well-fitting and supportive products. Biondi distinguishes itself through exceptional service levels, offering expert advice and tailored shopping experiences through phone, online chat, and appointments in London homes.


The History ✨

Founded in 2001 by former Harvey Nichols buyer Claudine Davies, Biondi started as the first sales agency in London dedicated to selling contemporary, multi-brand designer beachwear. In 2005, Claudine Davies opened the Biondi Boutique in Chelsea.. Inspired by the success of the boutique, the Biondi Collection was launched in 2013. This collection embodied Claudine's extensive knowledge of the wholesale and retail swimwear markets, coupled with her passion for superb design, exquisite detailing, and exceptional style and fit.

New ✨

2024 is the beginning of a new chapter for Biondi and although our physical doors are shut, our commitment to providing exceptional style and service remains stronger than ever. At Biondi, we understand the importance of a personalised shopping experience, and in this digital age, we are thrilled to announce our dedication to matching the in-store service online. Our goal is to seamlessly bring the renowned Biondi experience to your fingertips, ensuring that you receive the same level of attention, expertise, and style that defines us.